Giving Back

Our mission? To make awesomely stylish, well-made products while using the power of business to do something positive in the world. Sounds simple right? Well it is! 

For every WF pair of socks purchased we’ll donate +one pair of new socks to individuals in need. It is a small but meaningful gesture and it makes a difference to those who need it most.

Homelessness is a major public health concern in North America. Recent reports suggest that on any given night, over 700,000 individuals across the United States and Canada are homeless. Foot problems are a common concern among homeless individuals. Walking is the main mode of transportation among homeless individuals and increased risks of physical injury, poor hygiene, and inadequate footwear have been cited as contributing factors to the development of foot problems.

And it just so happens that for people experiencing homelessness, new socks are one of the most needed and least donated items of clothing. A fresh, durable pair of socks can go a long way to helping keep feet warm and healthy. As our platform and business continues to grow we know  it’s our responsibility to not only do something positive but shed light on homelessness across North America and in our own cities.

Whalley Finch is proud to support charities that improve and empower the lives of others. Our +one donation program helps support the wonderful work and individuals at the following organizations.

  • Covenant House Vancouver
  • RainCity Housing and Support Society